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Thanks for being part of our story. We can’t wait to share it with you!

It all started with cheese fries...

 Sparks flew

for Gregg when he asked Aubrey for a bite of her cheese fries (pictured here) and she said yes! Unbeknownst to Gregg, sparks were not flying for Aubrey when he continued to eat them all... but the night was young. She fell for his competitiveness and met her match playing Pop-A-Shot and Big Buck Hunter all night long.

Aubs scores an invite

to Gregg's 30th birthday party. He convinces her to flee the country to Mexico to celebrate together.

Falling in love in Napa

She ALSO gets the invite to Napa for ANOTHER 30th birthday celebration...he fuels her sense of adventure, travel and spontaneity from the start.

Sundays are spent 

watching football, fighting over Broncos vs. Colts and accidentally ending up at Shore Club...

G confesses his love

for Aubs in San Francisco at an underground 90s hip-hop club. She feels the same but holds back until they fly home. G falls asleep on the flight with his hand on her knee the entire flight. That small gesture sealed the deal for Aubs and she confessed her love for him on the beach that day at Hotel Del in Coronado.

 They fall hard 

discovering their shared love of live music. They see their all-time favorite band Mt. Joy and G tells Aubs he's going to marry her one day during their song "Mt. Joy."

A move to Hawaii

during COVID sounded like a good time to try living and working together! They put all of their belongings in storage and moved to the Big Island.

Gregg may have

proposed at a jazz supper club in Brooklyn, after a few too many glasses of wine, good music and even better bolognese. He couldn't hold back and just didn't have the ring yet...

 They never say no 

to adventure. Especially kayaking with spinner dolphins at sunset.


becomes their happy place.

 Through thick and thin

They'll go to the ends of the world (or just Costa Rica) to save each other.

 They make a home

in Solana Beach where they adopted a baby tortoise, Cliff. Their sweet little prince! He loves eating strawberries farm-to-table from their garden, splashing around his baby pool, and sleeping A LOT.

Aubs popped the question

asking G to move in with her. After doing "long distance" from San Diego to Cardiff, she was happy to trade in some of her independence to live together. She couldn't take another sad Sunday night saying goodbye for the week.


Engagement Photos by JORDAN YOUNIS

We are planning an intimate wedding in Hawaii this October with family and close friends. We would love to host you in celebration of our engagement before the big day! You in?


During COVID they put all of their belongings in storage and moved to the Big Island to live and work remote together for the first time! 

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