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YAY! Can't wait to celebrate with you!

We're planning a small destination wedding in Hawaii but we absolutely want to celebrate with you beforehand. Please join us for a "California Dreamin" screening at La Paloma theater in Encinitas to celebrate our upcoming wedding. Popcorn, apps and drinks included!


Our only ask of you is to submit a quick video sharing your favorite memory or story with either Aubrey, Gregg or both! Please email all videos to by July 1st. We'll be screening a home video to share all the footage!


For out-of-towners, we'd love you to join us for the weekend and will share more details for a weekend in San Diego if interested!

Please send video to Gregg by July 1st

California Dreamin

California Dreamin

Thanks for celebrating with us near and far! You can download and stream "California Dreamin" on a laptop near you at this link. xx
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