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Pack your swimsuits ladies, its time to get Schippwrecked!!!

When: Friday Oct 21st 11:30am til the bride says we're done! (probably around 12am ;)

What: We'll be hanging by the pool during the day playing games, drinking and hanging out! Then we will head to Waikiki for a sunset catamaran, and wrap up the day with dinner and drinks downtown.

How: Arrive at A&G's family Airbnb around 11:30am:

Lilipuna Rd

Kaneohe, HI  96734

United States

We'll take a party bus downtown around 3:30/3:15 to check-in for the sunset catamaran and once we're all done we will head back to their Airbnb!


What to Bring: Swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen and anything Aub had sent (: Be sure to bring a change of clothes for our night out and anything you need to get ready before!


I’ve been ask by a few so if you’d like to buy any lingerie, pj’s or gift for Aub, her sizes are 34C or Medium/Large. 

If you have any questions you can call/text Cammi at (720)530-2716, or DM Lindsay @lindsfulksaround (she doesn't have an American phone number so don't judge her).


We will get food & drinks for brunch once we arrive so we are still calculating the total cost but will keep everyone updated!

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