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We thought this would be 5 minutes but we had WAY too much to surprise there. Huge shoutout to our sponsors Parlor Donuts and Tayler McClung/Schaller.


We're not bullet point people...but if that's what you need to feel satisfied, then its our honor to satisfy you.

  1. Met - Sometime January 2018 in Savannah & Nelson's backyard

  2. First Date/Kiss - Cardiff August 2, 2018

  3. First Time you Meet Each Other’s Families - We were both visiting Denver the same weekend just 2 weeks after our first date so Aubs met Gregg's sisters at a brewery and G came over for Julie's famous Lasagna at The Huffman's right away

  4. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Facebook Official - Still technically not FB official lol but G asked Aubs to be his girlfriend on that flight home from Denver

  5. First Show Binged - Portlandia

  6. First Weekend Away - Mexico Labor Day Weekend 2018

  7. I Love Yous - San Francisco/Coronado October 2018

  8. First Bang - jk jk jk

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